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Notes from Kings Cross, Sunday 9th to Wednesday 12th Nov 08 and Thursday 20th November 2008 -and Saturday 10th October 08.

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Notes from Kings Cross Sunday 9th to Wednesday 12th Nov 08.
Waking,dream and deep sleep states endlessly recurring, what a bother!

These three states and the consciousness are the only capital one seemingly possesses. - Aren't these three states and the consciousness itself, intermittent, inconstant and impermanent? - Who is it that knows or is aware of this fact? - Have a good look at it, look into what is being pointed to here. - If I loose these three states and the consciousness, have I lost anything of any lasting value? - This craving, thirst or lust to live, this insatiable desire to be and to continue to be and to exist as a physical body-mind organism indefinitely is what the Buddha referred to in his first noble truth as suffering. - Thana (sanskrit for thirst, craving or desire) is the cause of psychological suffering. - Who is it that awakens, dreams and sleeps and is born and dies? - This is what is to be inquired into. -

Only when it is clearly seen that there is no entity with any substance or independent nature apart from the all knowing unborn awareness, which Nisargadatta Maharaj referred to as the natural state - and which Banki the 16th century Japanese Zen monk called the unborn buddha mind; only then will there be an end to psychological suffering. This body-mind entity that appears and disappears is in the final analysis, nothing but the unborn essence that is animating it and allowing everything to seemingly occur in the manifestation. - Nirvana and Samsara are inseparable. -

The forms that appear are nothing but emptiness,and paradoxically for the mind, this emptiness is form at the very same time. - This emptiness is suffused with awareness or pure unlimited intelligence. - This space like awareness or endless activity of knowing is everlasting life, unlimited potential or capacity. - This all knowing, ever-lasting essence or suchness is ineffable, inexpressible, inconceivable and beyond life and death as they appear to the unenlightened to be. - Salvation or liberation is nothing other that the knowledge of oneself as the only One, the non-dual Absolute itself, so to speak. - When this dawns upon you as it did for Banki, Nisargadatta Maharaj, myself and many others throughout recorded history, you will directly realize that you have never been born, nor have you carried out any worldly activities at all. - The belief that you have done any of these things and that you are the doer of your actions is pure ignorance and unreality. - All so called problems are spontaneously resolved in THIS unborn buddha mind or natural state. -

Why then swap this unborn essence that you truly are for thought, thinking that 'I' as this illusory separate entity am going to work things out, figure things out in the mind of memory and recently acquired knowledge, run the whole show by my separate self, so to speak. - Your mind is not your enemy, it is a useful tool for functioning in daily life - but by itself it cannot grasp this unborn essence or buddha mind, if you want to call it that,that you always and ever are. - Seeing this what do you do? - Nothing at all,simply relax into this pure awareness that you already are and allow it to live you, breathe you and function you quite effortlessly as it has always been doing all along. - Leave it alone and let it run the show instead of getting all uptight and anxious and trying to second guess every petty little thing that happens. -

This very consciousness, I am So and So, a limited sentient human being is something new to us is it not? - Even if it has seemingly been there for 90 years, this so called span of time is less than an instant when seen from the timeless background of this already pure space like all knowing awareness that has never changed or altered in any way and that is being totally ignored by the apparent separate entity or person. - 90 years has a beginning and an ending but this non conceptual empty essence of all knowing awareness that you truly are has no beginning or ending. - This awareness that I am pointing to is not a thing as such, as it contains all apparent things and nothing contains it. - Can you grasp this awareness that is animating the body mind organism and everything else both animate and inanimate? - Of course not! -

Things perish but this aware 'no thing' that you truly are cannot perish, it is unborn unceasing without any beginning or ending and you are THAT non dual Absolute, you cannot possibly be anything else separate or apart from THAT. - This alone is self-realization, liberation, or any other term you would like to apply to this unchanging reality that is pure Advaita,the essence of non duality. - Reality is THAT which never changes, comes or goes. - THIS is it. - TAT TVAM ASI (the Sanskrit Maha-Vakya,or great statement from the Upanishads) meaning THOU ART THAT! - The Supreme Reality. - End.

Previous note:
There can't be even the slightest duality in this non duality that we point to in all these so called exchanges.
To know for certain,that no one ever did exist before me - and that I alone exist, non dual, One without a second,is all that truly needs to be seen.
Don't I exist infinitely and eternally as this always present pure knowing awareness?
Can I recall a time when this awareness did not exist?
Now,whatever speculation is presented by the time bound mind,for example - 100 years back or 1000 years back, I did not exist, or I was not aware;where is this statement or speculation being presented from?
Isn't this being said or presented because of the presence of this always present awareness?
This is what is to be re-cognized or realized and that is the actuality of the undeniable fact that you have never left this naked, non conceptual awareness and in the final analysis, that you are THAT non dual Absolute or reality that you have endlessly been seeking through your family,friends,society,guru,
religion and all other extraneous factors.
You cannot negate or deny this self evident fact of your very own being.
This being (SAT) in sanskrit, that I always and ever am, this ineffable non dual essence that is enabling these very concepts to be expressed,is my very own.
I do not owe this empty all knowing essence of awareness that I truly am to my parents, society or any other external thing.
The fact of the matter is, that I, this impersonal, formless essence that I truly and ever am, am not the result of sexual intercourse between so called human beings.
This you must realize for yourself through thorough investigation or self inquiry.
You yourself must know this truth or reality, no one else can know it for you.
You cannot take what is being said on blind faith or unsubstantiated erroneous belief.
What is being pointed to is the truth that will make you free but do you earnestly want this boundless,unlimited freedom?
To have this,the "me", the illusory self center Mr or Mrs So and So, must be seen to be non existent.
If you are not prepared to die,not physically but psychologically, then what is being said here is not for you.
Living and dying go together,but this essence that you truly are is deathless and changeless, nothing has ever touched or changed it in any way.
This alone is Advaita or non duality. - There is nothing simpler than this incontrovertible fact that there there is no such thing as duality at all; there is no duality in non duality, so what is it that needs to be done - and by whom?
Nothing and no one at all, even though the very opposite may appear to be the case.
Look, see and investigate that what appears and disappears is not you, the changeless pure being or essence.
Don't you, as that aware essence or aware no thing, ever prevail?
Aren't you there eternally and timelessly?
Can you ever recall a time when you, as this non conceptual presence of awareness were not there?
I think the answer is clear and obvious, as you cannot negate THIS that you truly are.
You cannot say - I am not, or I was not, as there is some inconceivable essence or presence there that is allowing you to say this.
Just realize or become aware of the fact that, yes, I am awake, I am aware and relax into this awareness that you always and already are and let it spontaneously live you, breath you and function you, quite effortlessly, as it has always and ever been doing anyway, in spite of all your so called personal efforts.
- End.

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Marks notes below:

Do I come from anywhere, and do I go anywhere, and who and what is the nature of this "I" that I am referring to? - Isn't this 'I' that I am referring to, just a thought, a mental concept? - This ‘I thought’ which becomes active around the age of 3 years onwards, takes on a seeming substance and substantiality of its own that in reality it doesn't actually possess. - If this ego 'I' is taken to be actual or real, then all the apparent trouble begins from there.
If there is 'I', then there is also ‘other than I’, and this is (sin) separation, isolation, anxiety etc.
If this I is not inquired into, questioned, and seen to be false, then there is no possibility for genuine freedom and an end to suffering. - So long as this false 'I' is holding sway, there is self-improvement, honor, duty, morality, piety, filial responsibility, national pride and every other evil under the sun. - As long as there is another, there is always going to be fear and hatred rife in the illusory world appearance.
Who am I, who are you, who think that you have destiny and free will and are personally running the show, so to speak?
Don't look at me or run to someone outside yourself, some priest or pope to find the answer to this riddle. - Look to your own Self, find out for yourself what you truly are. Do you need someone else to confirm your own existence? - You 'know' that you are, that you exist. - Good enough, start there, stay there and don't move away from this fact into thoughts and mental concepts. - Investigate the fact of your own being.
How did I come to be this miserable creature that I appear to be, this limited sentient human being? - How did this happen without my permission and has it truly happened or is it simply appearance only and not an ultimate reality?
These are the kind of questions one needs to ask oneself in order to see what is clear and obvious and staring you in the face, so to speak. - Contempt prior to investigation is keeping you in everlasting bondage and this need not be so. There is an end to psychological suffering and you don't have to wait until you are dead for this to happen; but there has to be earnestness or even a sense of urgency on your part first, before this can happen or occur.
How long are you going to remain locked up in the prison of religious beliefs and various other beliefs before you have the courage and gumption to question all these erroneous beliefs?
Start right here and now with the only fact that you are absolutely certain of and that is the fact of your own being, 'I am'. - This is the key to the whole seeming mystery.
Be in this I am, stay in this I am and don't be drawn out or distracted by any extraneous thoughts and mental concepts. - If you listen to your own yapping conceptual mind, if you get engrossed by this ceaseless flow of mental concepts and thoughts thinking that they will help or benefit you in some way, then these very concepts will strangle you and lead you to an early death before your allotted time.

Your mind is useful as an instrument for daily living, but in itself, it cannot grasp or understand this non-dual essence or deathless spirit that you truly are. - You will never find the answer in the mind, realize this fact and be free right here and now, not at some future time. - Your mind is time, memory and anticipation and it can never grasp the timeless, which is this presence awareness, the direct activity of knowing, this knowledge I am! - This pure knowledge, I am, has no shape design or form and you are THAT. - This is all anyone needs to know. - All other knowledge is only a form of ignorance. - Scientific, spiritual, and religious knowledge is only ignorance and not true or actual knowledge or Jnana. - This alone is the Jnana of the Jnani, pure and simple, you know that
'You are', not just for 70 years or so but infinitely and eternally; this is non duality, God, Truth or any other concept you would like to apply to this fact of your own being.
- End.

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