Sunday, March 30, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Saturday 8th March 08.

Who am I? - Whence am I? - Has anything happened in reality or have I simply been duped by illusion? - When I look for myself I can't find myself as any separate entity or thing, there just seems to be empty space or boundless presence without any entity that knows this pure being or presence.
So isn't it a fact that I am nothing perceivable or conceivable, yet I still am? - Nothing can know me or fathom me because I contain all - the sword can't cut me, the fire can't burn me, the wind can't dry me, the water can't drown me, simply because I contain all these things, they don't contain me as I am non-dual, One without any second at all.

What is true of me is also true of you who are seemingly hearing this pointing out instruction.
Know this truth for yourself and THAT will make you free, not any external guru or thing.
Nothing has ever touched me as THAT and I am infinitely expansive without any beginning or ending.
When you see me dead I am more alive than ever, and when you see me as a living body-mind I am dead as that; how muddled up you are!
It is your own reflection as mind or consciousness that has caused this confusion or psychological suffering, no one else is doing anything to you or causing you suffering or unhappiness.

Realize that you will never find any solution or answer to the riddle of existence in the mind of memory and anticipation. -This acquired mind is a useful tool for functioning in daily life, but it is worse than useless as an instrument for discovering your true nature or ultimate reality.
The mind or "me" as such is made up of ideas and concepts and has no substance or independent existence apart from this space of pure knowing awareness upon which it is appearing like a reflection in a mirror.
This mirror like knowing presence is ineffable and unknowable and certainly cannot be grasped by any person, concept or thing.

Once this is clearly seen by no one, all attempts at grasping, understanding or knowing this boundless space of awareness fall away spontaneously and you are left here and now present and aware as you have always been.
You, even though there 'is' no you, (I still have to use words to point to THIS) leave everything ' as it is', unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected, without preference, partiality, or comparison.
You cease running the show and playing god and let THIS conscious presence - awareness, which you already are, run the universe.

It is clearly seen that there isn't any entity there to control or do anything. - A bit hard to swallow at one go isn't it?
It puts a bit of a dent in the old pride and demolishes the fictitious story of your life that you have been boring everyone with for so long.
This destiny or story is totally false and there has been no entity that has ever done anything.
You are not beating your heart, digesting your food or circulating your blood, this is all taking place quite spontaneously in spite of, rather than because of you as that ego or entity.

Do I want to hear all this; am I ready to hear this? - If you are still with this pointing out, then there may be a resonation with what is being said.
If this is resonating at your end then you already know the truth of what is being said and you are not getting anything from me personally.
Everyone (so-called) already knows THIS. - This is definitely known by everyone but it has seemingly been forgotten.
Even the learning’s of a lifetime can't stand up once that bell starts to ring.
If this rings a bell with you then you know the truth for yourself.
There is resonation with what is being pointed out. I am that ringing bell of utter freedom and effortless living.
Wake up right this instant, this very first and only instant, and be what you are - the non-dual Absolute.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Saturday 23rd Feb 08.

What we talk about here is something that can't really be talked about at all. - It cannot be expressed in words or concepts, but language is the only tool we have at our disposal to point to THIS. - The words we are using are not the actuality but are useful simply as pointers to what is. - Call it Advaita, non-duality, Truth or any other concept you would like to apply to this ever-present awareness - knowingness that you cannot negate or deny. What is being said presents a whopping paradox to the everyday acquired mind or what we refer to as the "me" of memory. - This ordinary mind that we make use of to function in everyday life, tries to make sense of everything and uses logic and acquired knowledge to know about the external world of things in order to be able to control things and events so that it can feel safe and secure.

The mind as we generally refer to it is a thing, a bunch of memories and concepts, and being a thing it doesn't want to know about, and can never grasp, nothing or this aware no thing of pure ever present non conceptual awareness - such-ness that constitutes the truth of non-duality called Advaita. - As long as this illusory entity "me" is not seen through, all your actions will reinforce and perpetuate the seeming reality of this separate person or entity. - This activity is neither good or bad, it is just what is - pure ignorance masquerading as knowledge.

There are no real people at all, they are simply dream characters, images appearing on the screen of this aware no thing; without any substance or independent nature at all, apart from this empty awareness, which is nothing at all to the acquired mind of man, so called. - On investigation you will find that there is no separate independent entity that has ever done anything. - Yes, that's it, nothing has ever happened - it only seemed to. - The manifest universe is appearance only; it is unreal, illusionary, like the reflection of the moon seen in a pool of water.

The story of your life is just that, a story, it is imaginary. - There is no one there ever, there is just this boundless, empty, pure aware no thing. - So you as the entity can't meditate or become enlightened, you can't do anything, you are being done. - Whatever seemingly happens is what is meant to happen. - There are no mistakes because there is no independent entity there to make a mistake. - This completely confounds the educated mind. - The mind hates this and will do everything it can to resist or avoid what is being said here. - However if this is being read or heard it is already too late to turn back to duality, Maya, or delusion because your head is in the tiger's mouth, and once in the tiger's mouth of Advaita there can never be any escape.

A cardinal rule of what is being expounded is that you will never find or solve the profound mystery of existence by looking in the mind. - The answer is not in the mind - so full stop! Stop trying to reason out or grasp the ungraspable. - Give up this mental gymnastics. - Stop thinking that at some future time I will be fulfilled and find what I am endlessly seeking through my wife, husband, family, nation, culture, religion or any other imaginary external thing.

Your happiness or salvation does not lie in any external person or thing. - It is already with you, it is you. - The Mahavakya or great word of Hinduism, of Advaita is TAT TVAM ASI - Thou Art THAT. - You already are THAT non-dual pure essence that you are seeking. - This is so obvious, so simple, that you have been ignoring this self-shining empty cognisance that is your natural stateless state. - Whenever you think, usually it is always in duality, you always think on another - eg Joe, Julie, or some other so called person or thing. - Try to think on yourself and see what happens! I know a lot about others, history, science, technology, medicine, etc - all hearsay, acquired second hand - intellectual knowledge - mind stuff, but who or what am I? When you are turned around and begin to look along these lines, along the lines of Advaita, your progress, so called will be very swift.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Friday 7th March 08

Can I maintain my identity as Mr or Mrs So and So indefinitely?
Even the Pharaohs' in their pyramids have turned to dust!
Is there anything permanent, anything that lasts forever?
The truth is that there is nothing that lasts forever, including the consolation created by invented religions of some permanent soul or spiritual entity and the illusion of reincarnation.
The person who is dead doesn't know that he or she is dead, and doesn't have any knowledge of his existence or non-existence.
It is only the others who say that he or she is dead.
However there is a boundless aware, pure knowing presence or pure functioning that you cannot negate on the one hand, and at the same time can never be grasped by any concept or man made thought or invention.
This conscious or all knowing presence, which is referred to in Advaita as non-dual One without a second 'is' the reality that every so-called seeker is seeking.
This non dual Absolute is fathomless pure being and can never be known by anyone so called, simply because there is no one who is actually apart from it who could know it.
So start from the ' fact' that you already are THAT (God, Truth, or Reality) that you are seeking.
This reality or Absolute is nothing, no one and no thing as such, but at the same time it is everything.
Vast emptiness suffused with awareness or pure knowing, boundless pure intelligence or spirit utterly incorporeal.
These words are only describing THIS, they are not the reality they are pointing to, they are only concepts, however what they are referring to - this conscious presence of awareness that you are presently experiencing and which you cannot under any circumstances negate, is the very reality or truth that you are seeking and is certainly not a concept or image.
The reason that this non-dual Absolute is not a thing or soul that lasts forever is because it is outside time altogether.
It is timelessly present - Omnipresent, One without any second at all.
It is eternal, always and ever present - birthless, deathless, body-less, mindless, timeless and space-less, and this can never be grasped by the mind or any concept whatsoever.
This is unfathomable mystery - you as that entity can never know this, but you can 'be' this.
So that is the solution - just be what you already are - I am THAT - and give up becoming as becoming implies time which is only a mental concept.
Even though this may seem mysterious to the mind and paradoxical, yet what I am pointing to completely obvious, clear and open and known to everyone - an open secret - seemingly hidden yet obvious.
There 'is' no becoming because becoming is in time and you are timeless Omnipresence - just this and nothing else.
You cannot negate your being-ness and you can never grasp it with any concept, so just be as you are in this natural state of Omnipresence.
Realize the actuality and becoming and seeking will fall away without any effort on your part. Again, this is totally obvious to everyone and yet seemingly hidden at the same time - an open secret ripe to be exploited by unscrupulous new age gurus.
Realize that there is no teacher nor is there any teachings, there is just this boundless space of pure knowing awareness, which you already are.
So what you are seeking you already are.
So where is the need to continue the search?
It is impossible to become what you already are.
You know you are - I am - full stop!
That is not I was or I will be, it is simple, non-conceptual, non-verbal, pure being, always and ever, infinitely and eternally.
You alone are non-dual One without any second.
Reality did not change, it cannot change.
So nothing has happened at all, the manifest universe has not been created at all because moreover you cannot pinpoint the origin of anything in this world, because everything is beyond arising, beyond dwelling and ceasing - all is unborn, unceasing, beginning-less, endless.
This being the case, why did you change Oh man and woman?
- End.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Friday 29th Feb 08.

How was I before this consciousness arose, and how will I be after it departs?

What is my original face prior to this mask (persona) of consciousness?

Isn't it clear and obvious that right here at zero degrees from where I am actually seeing or looking that

there is clear boundless empty space out of which the so called seeing is happening?

Isn't it a fact that my original face is actually no face at all but simply

clear empty space like awareness or knowing without any knower or seer at all?

If this is the case and it is obvious and clear that it is.

So obvious in fact that we don't usually notice this fact.

Then in truth I have never been face to face or confronted anyone in my entire life.

The situation is that there is face out there to space here at my end.

I am space - for every face, as well as the entire universe to appear in.

Space like awareness or knowing-ness - I am this aware no thing - emptiness suffused with

awareness. - I never move or change.

I am the unspeakable non dual Absolute or non conceptual awareness as is pointed out in Dzogchen - the highest expression of Buddhism.

Dzogchen translated means The Great Perfection and The Great Perfection of Dzogchen is just this, in one sentence – non-conceptual awareness.

Isn't this what everyone already is? Aren't you aware right now, even without a thought or concept?

Without a thought or concept where are you?

Aren't you here and now present and aware? What world is there without a concept or thought?

There is no world, there never has been, there is only this boundless pure being or empty non conceptual awareness in which any and every world or universe is only an appearance or reflection.

A reflection or appearance is not the reality.

Like the night time dream seems real while it is taking place, but disappears as if it never existed on waking.

This awareness is unborn, unceasing, it never began because it is outside time and mind, and it never ends because it has no known boundaries.

Aren't you THAT?

This consciousness - "I am" So and So, is not what I am.

This consciousness is in duality and reality or what I truly am is non dual One without any second at all.

This consciousness which everyone loves and would like to continue forever is suffering and misery, it is

nothing but ignorance; ignorance of my true and natural state of absolute pure being beyond the being and non being of this limited time bound consciousness.

This consciousness, I am So and So, or even just I am is only a concept, not a reality.

Reality is non dual, non conceptual - ever shining,

Omnipresence awareness - just THIS - which you have never been apart from - nothing else.

What do you need to do, where do you need to go to reach this

empty space of pure knowing that you already are? The answer is obvious isn't it?

What I am telling you is absolutely open, obvious, not hidden - an open secret.

So obvious that it can't be seen by the mind which is made up of concepts and acquired knowledge which is only ignorance.

The mind tends to reject this and resists what is being said because the mind is time, a bunch of dead memories and concepts and can only think in terms of time and in duality in the pairs of opposites.

There is no point in fighting with your mind or trying to control it.

Leave it alone and it will assume it's correct place as a servant to this space like non conceptual

awareness which is your natural or original face.

Your original face is no face, nothing - This ever present empty space of knowing - impersonal pure self-shining intelligence that you cannot negate or grasp with any concept or thought.

The very fact that you 'know' that you exist is an indication of your true or original condition which is real,

unshakable, and unchanging.

This non dual Absolute that you already 'are', cannot know limitation or corruption ( birth and death ) because there is nothing apart from itself, as it is pointed to in Advaita, it is One without any second.

It is only when consciousness manifests as body-mind in seeming duality or

seeming pairs of opposites that it seemingly becomes conscious of itself - self conscious or self aware.

When this consciousness exposes itself to you and

shows you your true nature, then you have no form.

Without a form can there be an image or self centre? The entire manifestation of consciousness - "I am a

separate entity which is born and afterwards dies, is an hallucination, the nature of which is to be inconstant.

- End

Monday, March 03, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross 12th Jan 08

How do I know I am?

Doesn't it imply a conscious presence of awareness or pure being prior to the arising of the thought "I am", or any thought at all for that matter?

Now isn't it a fact that I am even before, during and after the thought or concept "I am" arises?

Once the "I" thought arises, then for practical purposes a name has to be added to it, eg I am John.The name is given at birth but the "I am" thought doesn't become active until around the age of 3 years.

No one can grasp the thought "I",so other concepts are added on to it or acquired by the seeming separate entity, eg I am a man, I am a Christian, I am good at sports etc.

All this so called knowledge about myself is acquired or added on to the original concept in order to give it some


However, what is the truth of my original, unchanging condition?

Isn't all this knowledge that I have acquired after the fact of the arising of the I am thought around 3 years of age, invalid and a form of ignorance?

Originally there was bliss, the peace that passes all understanding.I did not have this so called knowledge, "I am So

and So", and I did not know of any such thing as existence or non existence.

Prior to the arising of this "I am" thought, I didn't know I was and there were no problems as such.

As soon as this I am news arose, so did all the problems.

For example - the need to sustain myself, to maintain my health, to compete for rewards with so called others, to conform to society, and also the need to search for and believe in God.

The idea of god arises only in conjunction with the arising of body-mind consciousness.

Without the body mind vehicle there is no need for or question of god.

THIS is what is to be abided in - this non conceptual pure awareness knowingness, unaware of itself, what Nisargadatta Maharaj referred to as the natural state - Niarga means natural as in nature - the non experiential, stateless, natural state - the non dual Absolute.

This is paradoxical to the mind and can never be grasped or comprehended by any thought or concept.

That is why you will never find any solution in the mind which is time - memory and anticipation.

This Absolute is always and ever present, but is not limited to any object or thing.

There is no coming or going in this ever present, Omnipresent Absolute.

It is because of this ever present Absolute that I am able to know that "I am So and So".

In other words I am THAT by which I know I am.

So my question is where am I proceeding to?

From where have I arrived and to where am I proceeding?

Isn't all this coming and going just pure ignorance?

Isn't it a fact that in actuality I haven't moved an inch, and that I am THAT I am infinitely and eternally?

What had I hoped to achieve here struggling in this Adamic dream of opposites, trying in vain to acquire some thing ( perfection ) that I have never lost?

Have I (the non dual Absolute) been born?

Am I going to die?

If there is authenticity in the pursuit of spiritual understanding, shouldn't I ask myself these questions, look, enquire and find out for myself without going through the intermediary of any external authority?

Surely no one from outside can tell me or confirm my own perfection?

If I alone am, then there are no other's apart from me to tell me.

I now know for certain that no one ever did exist before me and that I alone exist, non dual One without a second.

This is Advaita ( unicity, not two ), and there is no compromise - duality never existed, it only appeared to.

Nothing ever happened.

Reality never changed.

That is the very definition of reality - THAT which never changes.

How can reality change?

Only in a dream and dreams are not real or substantial.

Isn't it time to give up this children's game of believing in and depending on a mother - father god, watching over you as the helpless child?

Perhaps the truth is that you yourself are limitless and even greater than the parent god that you imagined in your
ignorance was ruling over you?

These are the questions that a genuine spiritual aspirant must consider and look into.

The realization of this knowledge ( Jhana ) which is ever-present and expresses through the mind as the thought "I am", and which you cannot negate or grasp with any concept or thought 'is' spiritual childhood's end.

- End.