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Notes from Kings Cross Friday 30th May to Thursday 5th June 08.

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"Gleanings from Nisargadatta" is a recently published book comprised of clear notes taken down by Mark West, while attending many meetings in Khetwadi, Bombay in 1976-77.

This remarkable book is a clear document of the wisdom expounded by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
It covers the same period when 'Sailor Bob' Adamson was attending meetings there.
This period is not covered by the other books that are available.

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Note from Kings Cross:

This consciousness I am 'So and So' is hard to bear and that is why apparent persons obsessively involve themselves in constant and unceasing activity.
There is the unspoken fear that if I stop or pause for any time or period, then I may disappear or cease to exist, therefore let me continue seeking, searching and constant business lest I am left in limbo and discover or become aware of my own nothing-ness.
'I' as that illusory separate entity don't want to die or disappear, therefore I must keep busy or I'll freak out or become insane.
This is the semi-conscious rational that the un-emancipated person or entity is seemingly in the grip of or under the sway of. - It doesn't want to pause, be still or contemplate even for an instant because it wants to perpetuate itself, it doesn't want to stop because that will mean it's own death and it will do anything to keep this dance alive and going.
This "me" or illusory entity will even invent a God, and if God is on my side that will make me more secure. - It never questions it's own reality as that separate entity - that I am Mr or Mrs 'So and So' is simply taken for granted.
My parents and society gave that name or label to me and therefore that is what I must be.
This idea of being born at such and such time and place and being somebody's son or daughter is sacrosanct and must never be examined or questioned. - To do so is taboo and an affront to society, and after all, one doesn't want to become an outcast, a weirdo. - All these irrational justifications keep this self made prison or cage intact. - Freedom is only for Jesus, Buddha, or some other saint sage or seer, not for me the ordinary Joe, and so it goes on endlessly.
One does not suspect even for an instant, that all this play (Lila) in the consciousness is unreal, illusory and simply appearance only. - None of this play, this ever changing movement in the consciousness would be possible without this ever present unchanging background of pure all knowing awareness that is always and ever with you. - You 'are' aware even now, you cannot negate this awareness or ever grasp it with any thought or conceptual label.

This awareness that is presently being pointed to is 'nothing' to the mind of so called 'man'. - This aware no thing is invisible to the senses of seeing, hearing, touching etc simply because it is empty of all content.
This deathless spirit of pure knowing awareness is space-like in its infinite subtleness and nothing contains it. - On the contrary this emptiness suffused with awareness (Rigpa in Dzogchen) contains every appearance, galaxy, star, universe, anything perceivable or conceivable and yet nothing contains it. - THIS non dual, non conceptual, self-shining, ever-fresh, ever new, presence awareness - just THIS and nothing else is what you truly 'are'.

You are not that body-mind entity that you have hypnotically taken yourself to be.
You have been hypnotized, totally mesmerized into believing that you are that miserable limited sentient human being that appears in your mirror each morning. - Nothing can be done about this and nothing needs to be done, because who is the 'you' that is going to do it? - Just see that you, the non-dual Absolute Reality, are not what you appear to be in the consciousness, which is time bound and ultimately unreal.
Let us come back to the analogy of the snake in the rope.
A man walking on a dim lit unpaved path in the twilight before nightfall sees immediately in front of him what appears to be a poisonous snake. - Immediately his hair stands on end, beads of perspiration appear on his forehead, his eyes dilate with fear, his pulse rate increases and heart beat starts racing. - Just at that moment a person further down the path calls out to him and says - my friend, it is only a rope! Immediately the fear, uncertainty and psychological suffering subside and he relaxes back into his natural stateless state or original condition.
Just like that man, I am telling you there is no snake (the manifest universe), there is only a harmless rope (the non dual deathless spirit or Absolute) and you already and always are THAT.
- End.

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