Saturday, January 21, 2006

Brand New BOOK of Nisargadatta's meetings.

"Gleanings from Nisargadatta" - This book is an excellent example of the most potent delivery of Maharaj's 'pointing'. - It is new material not found elsewhere in the extended collection of transcripts of his meetings. - Mark took down the clear notes with the blessings of Maharaj in 1976/77. - Anyone that has "I am That"(which is early seventies material) will want to read this newly available book. - It is a very potent extension of that original book. - The impact of this clear manuscript is not to be missed. -
Gilbert Schultz of 'Shining through the mind' website.

New note for Sydney (Australia) residents: - Mark West has been holding weekly meetings in Sydney on the subject of Non Duality. -New meetings will be arranged in 2007.

-Mark is a living disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. -This is a rare opportunity to clear up misunderstandings and ask pertinent questions. -Be advised that these meetings are for relatively serious students of Advaita or similar - those who are already familiar with the nature of self-inquiry. -What I mean is that the meetings are not a for those who just want mere entertainment. -There is no fanciful spiritual nonsense going on here so beware of that fact. - As mentioned, new meetings will be arranged in the early part of the new year.

Please email Mark for any other details. -
Details on note above.

Mark West and Bob Adamson.
After many years these two chaps got together again in Melbourne at Bob's place. -The famous clock of the Advaita Show Podcast can be seen in the backround. -It was a present to Bob and Barbara from James Braha after their visit to the USA. - James Braha's Book "Living Reality" on Bob's talks in the US, is a very good coverage of what Bob is pointing out.