Monday, January 21, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Monday 31st Dec 07

Has anything ever really happened?
If in fact nothing has ever really happened, including the idea of the big-bang of science, and the earth being 4 billion years old, with a further 4 billion years before the present sun dies out or goes nova leaving this section of the galaxy lifeless; then this totally negates the idea of evolution and any and all conventional knowledge.
What really did happen? - Did God create the world in 7 days? - Is there any god at all, apart from the consciousness or being-ness, which itself turns into non-being?If nothing has really happened, which I say is the actual situation, then all these ideas and concepts I've just mentioned are all invalid and bogus.
So anyone who associates with me will become totally bankrupt, all their concepts and ideas will be liquidated,
utterly wiped out.
If this so called message is truly heard by an ardent spiritual seeker, there will be a sense of great loss, not gain.
Normally with the usual idea of spiritual awakening, there is a mis-perception that one is going to gain something.
If what is being said here is really taken on board, there will be at first great sadness and loss, the death of the false entity.
You will be relieved of the great conceptual burden that you have been carrying since time immemorial.
The death of the entity leaves a great emptiness in it's wake.
Even though this is utter freedom; freedom from the
known, the dead past; this at first is a loss to the illusory person because, even though being a separate person is actually utter misery and suffering, this was all that entity ever knew.
Yes, even though I am miserable and limited, please don't take my suffering and misery away because that is all I've got, and I'm going to hold on to it like grim death, in spite of what you or Nisargadatta or anyone else says.
Let me assure you, no one is going to take your misery away, least of all me, but if you have had a gut full of this unnecessary psychological suffering, then perhaps these words might resonate very deeply with you and turn you around to look at what is keeping you in bondage.
Who was it that told you that you have been born and that at some future date you are going to die?
Wasn't it your parents originally, that told you all this nonsense?
"Anyone who loves his father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, or even his own life more than me is not worthy of me."
The me that is spoken about here is your own true Self - the non dual Absolute.
Wake up to your Self! - to Advaita - to non duality.
Don't wait, don't listen to any false guru, no one except your own Self can tell you if you are sinless or perfect.
Who am I talking to?
I am not talking to any body or mind, I am talking to that deathless essence or non verbal I am-ness in you that I am.
This is awareness-knowing-ness talking to itself.
Everyone knows "I am". but that I am is only a thought, however THAT by which I know I am is the great enlightenment that everyone is seeking, consciously or unconsciously.
I am THAT by which I know I am, is the whole of the teaching that is being expressed here.
Be still and know that I am God ( THAT ). - be still and know - be still - be - that's it in a nutshell.
What could be more simpler?
THIS is it - you don't have to meditate, enquire, forgive your mother, fast, or stop eating choclate - This is it right now - hearing, seeing, breathing, being fullt aware and present.
Everlasting livingness - there is no one who has a life, there is only livingness, and this livingness-energy can't know death.
Perfection can't know imperfection ( life and death ).Even without a thought or concept, there is just a pure "isness", you ' know ' you are, even if you don't say I am.
This pure present knowingness, not knowing this or that. is what you always and ever are.
This Omniscience - all knowingness, can only know itself as an object when the consciousness manifesting as the body mind is available.
There is no one here or anywhere else who is not aware and knowing.
No one can know that they are a body-mind without this knowingness, so everyone, so called, is already THAT all knowingness.
When the body-mind is not there, as in physical death, the knowing-ness is still there - all knowing without an object - the unlimited potential - boundless pure being - pure subjectivity without an object - knowing-ness is still there unknowingly.
This all knowing-ness doesn't need to know itself, because there is nothing apart from itself to know.
One without a second as it is said in Advaita - utterly non-dual.
When this is directly ap-perceived, you will realize that Reality never changed at all - that nothing ever
happened at all, it only appeared to.
When self realization dawns for no one, you will realize that you were never born, nor have you carried out any worldly actions.
- End.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Thurs - Friday 27 - 28th Dec 07.

We are all intelligent people so called, and we have solved a lot of problems with our mind, but we have never solved this problem of the mystery of being - 'who and what am I?' - we have never solved it with the mind.
Having looked endlessly in the mind, which is itself time, and not having found any solution there, wouldn't it dawn on us that perhaps the answer is not there? When this dawns on you and you cease looking in the mind for an answer, where does that leave you? - here and now present and aware as you have always and ever been.
This presence awareness, Is-ness, pure non-conceptual knowing-ness, is exceedingly subtle.
So subtle in fact, that we cease to notice it at all and instead look outward and fixate on the gross experiences - food, sex, music, sensory perceptions and objects, ignoring the very subtle space of knowing-awareness that everything is taking place in.In fact everything, including sentient beings and apparent separate objects are nothing but this self-shining empty cognizance appearing as other.
This emptiness suffused with awareness is utterly non dual.
This is what Advaita meaning not-two, really is.
This uncompromising pointing to this ever present principal is the genuine article of all true and authentic Advaita teaching.
In this there is no teacher nor is there any teaching - everything "is" this non dual Absolute, that no can at any time, ever negate.
No one can say - I am not, because you, as the Absolute, would have to be there to say it.
That being said, let us investigate this presence awareness that everyone, so called, is enjoying.
Can you ever remember a time when conscious knowing presence was not there?
As far back as you can remember it was there, and if you receed even further back prior to your own birth or conception in the womb, all you can say is, I don't remember or I don't know.
Realize however, that it is this ever present awareness that is allowing you to say, I don't know or I don't remember.
By awareness we mean just this pure activity of knowing that you are.
Not knowing this or that, but just bare naked knowing - even without a thought or concept.
Even without a thought arising or being present, there is still a pure knowing-ness or 'is-ness' present.
There is a pure knowing there, prior to consciousness of being a person, or labeling and naming something eg - saying that is a chair, that is a tree etc.
There is a knowing there even before a thought says that is So and So etc.
This pure unadulterated "isness", knowing is the Jnana of a Jnani.
This is the lost innocence or wholeness that everyone is seeking.
We actually know what everything is even before we name or label it.
We think we know something by calling it a chair, but the word or concept "chair" is only a label, and you can't sit on a concept or label.
The word chair is not the actuality, only a name, a description.
Therefore a chair is not actually a chair, it is simply vibrating pure intelligence energy - awareness, appearing as a chair.
The chair is only a momentary appearance in the changeless space like awareness. - Awareness is self-knowing, self-shining.
Emptiness suffused with awareness is the non dual Absolute.
Because awareness as we are using the term, is non dual - Advaita - it cannot know itself as an object.
If something is not two or One without a second as Advaita claims, it cannot and need not know itself.
Note, that in using language, the very language itself has an inbuilt limitation and implies in it's very use a duality that doesn't really exist.
However language or words are the only tool we have to point to this TRUTH or non duality that you have never ever left, except in your own mind or imagination; which is itself only an aspect of this non dual Absolute.
When I said in the previous paragraph - if something is non dual or Absolute, there is an implication that REALITY or TRUTH is a thing or an it, and THIS is not an it or a thing as such.
Things come and go, but what we are pointing to here, doesn't come or go.
Let's clarify our terms here. - REALITY is THAT which never changes.
This empty space of knowing that you are enjoying right now as you are reading these words is timelessly present, has no dimensions, is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, and I am THAT, you are THAT, there is nothing that is not THAT.
Your (original) name is I AM THAT I AM, not Mr or Mrs So and So.
So what do you need to attain? - or to seek, to become enlightened or fulfilled?
How can you ever find yourself if you "are" yourself?
How can you ever become what you already are?
It is impossible to be in need of getting something extra to be added (to you), in order to become what you already are.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross Thurs 6th Dec 07

Where to go? - what to do? - when everything is seen in the clear, empty space of pure presence awareness?
See where you are looking from and you will notice that everything moves around you - but there is stillness and emptiness from which everything is being seen - nothing moves at all right there where you are, at '0' degrees of separation.
Where you are seeing from is totally stationary and never moves or changes at all.
This is the still changeless background that makes possible all (seeming) movement and change.
When you are walking down a corridor, notice that in actuality, the corridor is walking down you - you as the emptiness- wholeness are still and never move or change at all.
When you are traveling in a motor vehicle or flying in a jet aircraft, it is only the vehicles that are moving, while you remain stationary and changeless. - That seemingly tiny pin prick or bindu "I am" contains all of reality - all that ever existed or will exist.
Instead of being a limited bound creature, as you had taken yourself to be - you turn out to be something infinitely great - greater even than the God that you had believed was ruling over you.
We cannot even call this emptiness - wholeness, that we are actually seeing from; large, great or small, because really it has no dimensions, and is timelessly here and now - Omnipresent.
This is what you are - boundless, awareness-knowing-ness.
If the implications of what is being pointed to really jell, then there is a release from the bondage of self - the entity or contraction called "me", into boundlessness.
It must be seen however that you already are boundlessness - therefore language itself-words-are limited - they are only pointers. - Don't try to follow the words themselves, rather, just get a feel for what the words are describing - then there is always a possibility of an energetic shift from contraction - limited perspective to unlimited perspective ( pure witnessing, without any entity doing the witnessing ).
This boundlessness - empty cognizance, is always and ever present.
This boundless pure knowing-ness is what everything already "is".
Because of this Omnipotence - boundlessness, objects sentient and insentient are seemingly appearing and disappearing ( the world dream Jaganmaya ).
However everything that appears is nothing other than this one universal essence or Such-ness, itself appearing as other - this boundless natural essence can never be limited or confined to any shape or form.
Therefore it has to be clearly apperceived, that there is no separate entity or thing, even though there may appear, in this dream like consciousness to be such persons or things.
The people you are seemingly seeing are apparitions, mental concepts, phantoms.There are no real people at all, there is only boundlessness - empty cognizance - cognizing emptiness.
This alone is true liberation or self-realization - freedom from the bondage of self - freedom from this self contraction of being a VIP a "me" a self-satisfied separate person or entity.
The freedom to be what you are - nothing and nobody - pure empty cognizance.This is utter freedom and effortless living and you already are THAT, so how can you find it?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Notes from Kings Cross, Mon 10th Dec 07.

It is necessary to see or notice that there is no one who gets enlightened.
Go along the lines that nothing can trouble you except in your own imagination.
This is the realization that there is actually no such thing as time.
This present moment is all there ever is - hearing sounds, mental conceptual images arising, endlessly changing and flowing sensations.
One seemingly follows a spontaneous chain of thoughts and a story develops to create an imaginary entity called "me".
The story seems to possess a life of its own in a linear sequence - past,present,future - however there is no past or future except in imagination - there is always and ever only this present unfolding, this timeless instant right now.
This means that the past as such, has never happened, nor has the future, because it is always and ever this timeless now.
In 60 years time it is NOW. - 2,000 years ago in Roman history is NOW.
So one can see that any and every "story" is just that - a story - an imagination - a recollection or an anticipation.
This means that there is no actual person who has any destiny or free will.
The "me", the person as such is purely imaginary.
The implications of this realization are explosive to the dreamed character.
This charade of being in control and running the show of one's separate life is seen for what it is - a total fiction, an imagination, an illusion.
There is nothing right or wrong with the appearance of a person or seeming sentient being.
This is just in the nature of manifestation - a spontaneous natural occurence.
However as soon as the I thought makes it's appearance around the age of 3 years, there is a sense of loss or insufficiency.
Just a general sense of something missing or lacking.
Seeking starts from this point.
Not so much a spiritual search at this stage, but a longing to become whole or complete again.
Everyone in the world is a seeker.
That is inevitable, because once this idea crystalizes into the certain conviction that I am a separate person - Mr or Mrs So and So, then that identity feels as though it could be threatened and then needs to be reinforced and made
secure.Stable job, home, loving family, nation, belief in god etc.
Now the majority of people seem to be happy or contented with the status quo - they are enjoying themselves and seem fully contented.
However a small number of those so called people, who have everything that society deems desirable - success, fame, and everything that money can buy, find even this to be unsatisfactory and not fullfilling in an ultimate sense.
Those very people then commense what's called the spiritual search, the search for a so-called higher power or reality, greater than their limited self or life.
They are then what we call genuine spiritual seekers or Sadhakas.
Sadhaka is a sanskrit term which means an 'advanced' seeker or spiritual aspirant (one that is very familiar looking at 'this' ).
This so called individual has an inclination, an intuition that there is something unlimited, boundless, infinite, that the worldly happiness and fullfillment can never equal and that the limited mind can never grasp - something that we commonly call God.
This seeker 'must' and ' will' continue to seek until he is annihilated and totally destroyed by the explosive shock of liberation or true spiritual awakening.
Let it be seen that this genuine awakening is not gradual, it is instantaneous and explosive.
There are thousands of spiritual experiences, but there is only 'one' spiritual awakening.When it happens one doesn't have any words for it - it can't be conveyed or explained to another, it can't be taught to anyone, simply because this is directly seen to be redundant.
A mirage is insubstantial - reflections in a mirror can't undertake to do away with themselves, help each other, or improve themselves.
The reason it can't be taught or explained to another is because it is clearly apperceived that the so called other person is already that essence of all things, pretending or thinking that it is a separate entity.
Until the entity implodes spontaneously, or through grace of totality, is able to see the falseness of itself; it must continue to seek.
There is nothing good or bad about seeking, if it is taking place, it is just what is.
Seeking will continue, it cannot be stopped or started by any force of personal will.
The seeker has their head in the tiger's mouth, and once this is the case one cannot escape ot turn back - one ( as a sense of separateness) is totally consumed by the Tiger - the tiger of Advaita - non duality.
This empty intelligent essence - Tao -suchness - this invisible changeless background in which everything appears and disappears is the unquestioned light in your own mind.
This LIGHT in oneself also includes darkness.Who would have suspected or even thought, that BUDDHA is the (source of the) LIGHT in your own mind? - you are THAT.
- End.